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This week is the one-year anniversary of the At Dwelling part, and what higher solution to rejoice than with a puzzle containing a hidden image? Resolve the clues and reveal the twist, with a mini shout-out to the part’s basket-weaving exercise from August.

Write the solutions to the 16 clues within the clean areas on every strip. (We’ve crammed in some letters to assist.) Then reduce and type the strips into one of many 4 classes, based mostly in your solutions. Can you discover what connects them? Phrases beginning with B? Animals you’d discover on a farm? We’ve given you a clue for every class.

When you’ve sorted your strips into classes, the A and B teams turn into the vertical “warp” on your weaving; the C and D teams are woven by them horizontally. They need to be ordered alphabetically inside their classes. Comply with the diagram to weave the strips in an under-and-over sample, with the lettered squares going beneath the vertical strips. The weaving will reveal the hidden image.

Place the A and B teams vertically utilizing alphabetical order inside every group, ranging from the left and alternating teams.

Begin with the primary strip alphabetically from the C group and weave it in, ensuring the lettered squares go beneath the A strips. Slide the strip to the underside.

Repeat with the primary alphabetical strip from the D group, ensuring it goes beneath the B strips. Preserve weaving, alternating strips from the C and D teams till you could have used all of your strips.

Congratulations! You’ve revealed the picture! Now fold and tape the additional tabs to sq. the edges and save your paintings.

A printable model of this exercise is out there for obtain here.

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